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Hi I'm Chee, I'm a multi disciplined creative.

I'm a creative that isn't bound by the constraints of a medium, nor am I phased by the the industry that I'm working in.

In my time I've worked on projects that help Government, both public and internal, and later down the line help Nestlé sell more cereal to you children.

I've worked in digital since 1999 and since 2004 I've worked across all platforms (digital and offline).

I've made a big deal about being multi disciplined creative however I'm sure a few do question, why?

Simple, if you treat your communications, applications, initiatives as separate implementations of the same programme or project, the chances are you're treating your customer/user as different people.

In addition to my creative thinking, I've setup and run workshops for client and user groups to identify requirements and for product development.

My portfolio is current only available on request however my most recent Clients projects I've been working on are:

  • Department for Work & Pensions (Digital Applications)
  • West Midlands Police (Mobile enablement and Apps)
  • Accenture Policing Practice (Digital applications and Innovation)
  • HMRC (Digital Delivery Principles)
  • Barclays (Consumer Mobile Application)

If you like what you are reading, give me a call on 07872332329, you can also check out my LinkedIn profile